Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Clock's Tick

I do not do subtle well.  I never have.  If you are eagerly anticipating the apology for this obvious failure of my character, then here is to hoping that you have a comfy cushion upon which to sit as you read this.  Also, a lifetime's worth of free time. 

Margaret's mom, Suzy B., died in the wee small hours of June 2, 2009 after fighting like hell against breast cancer and its associated ravages for the final five-plus years of her life.  Beginning in 2009, we have organized a team, which Suzanne and Megan christened "Sue's Crew", which annually participates in a 5K Run and Walk whose principal stated charitable purpose is breast cancer-centric.  In 2014, we ran for the first time in the Janice Garbolino 5K Run and Walk, which is held annually in Roosevelt Park in Edison, New Jersey.  In the 2014 iteration of Sue's Crew - Sue's Crew VI - we had our largest team ever.

Sue's Crew VI - 
Jersey Crew

Sue's Crew VI - Suz & Margaret
The obligatory "mid-race" Selfie

Sue's Crew VI-
Colorado Crew

To borrow a phrase from the Poet Laureate of Freehold, "...sure as the ticking of the clock on the wall" we shall once again this year lace 'em up at the Janice Garbolino Memorial 5K Run and Walk.  Proving that we have more faith in the ability of the average American to recognize Roman numerals than does the NFL (Super Bowl 50 - really?), this year's edition is Sue's Crew VII.  I had hoped to persuade my wife to agree to a slogan of "Sue's Crew VII - We Demand Replevin!" but she refused.  Methinks she is still regretting the decision five years back to not have put the kibosh on the slogan I came up with for Sue's Crew II, when we ran in the Komen Race for the Cure:  "For the Cure We've come to Race, to kick Breast Cancer in the Face!"  I thought it was hysterical.  Then again, based upon what is almost a half-century's worth of overestimating just how effing funny I am, my point of view on the matter is probably skewed. 

For one and all interested in becoming a Crew member, we thank you for your interest and for your support.  Please send me an e-mail to and I will happily send you the registration form, which is a PDF document... 

...and which in real life, is much bigger and easier to read.  Even I was able to read it.  And remember, when you register, to shoot me an e-mail (a) confirming you have signed up; and (b) providing your t-shirt size for a Sue's Crew VII team t-shirt.  We shall likely place our order for team t-shirts not later than the final week of August.  


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