Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some Fins in The Water

Tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, the Discovery Channel's annual "Shark Week" programming begins its week-long run.  To my knowledge, this marks the earliest that Discovery Channel has aired it.  I have watched it for a number of years and for as long as I have viewed it, it has been a staple of August.  While I am quite certain there is a reason for the programming change, I know not what it is. 

While I enjoy annually a number of the programs that air during Shark Week - for I find sharks to be utterly fascinating while more than a bit terrifying - it is undeniable that over the course of the past several years, the train has jumped the track at the Discovery Channel.  When your network's new boss is constrained to declare to the media that the era of "the fake documentary" (what a wonderfully inane 21st century turn of phrase) is over, your less-than-sterling standing in the scientific community is easy to understand.  

It does not appear as if all of the programming kinks have been worked out, but there is enough on the menu this year to hold my interest, such as "Tiburones:  The Sharks of Cuba" and "Sharks of the Shadowland".  The stuff that appears to be programmed for the audience that gladly endures repeated viewings of the Sharknado movies will neither be viewed as it airs nor occupy any space at all on my DVR.  It never does.  

If enough of its viewers were similarly inclined, then Discovery Channel would be forced to either trim "Shark Week" down to "Shark Night" or to work with additional, well-regarded scientists and experts in the field to develop more legitimate programming to replace the (shall we say) less legitimate fare.  
Remember:  Why don't sharks eat lawyers?  Professional courtesy.  

I am here all week.  As are these magnificent fish.  Allot your time appropriately. 


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