Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ordering Something Not On The Menu...

Yesterday was not the typical Wednesday.  At least, it was not my typical Wednesday.  

I had a meeting in New Brunswick that wrapped up at three o'clock.  Rather than trek back to the office I ran over to Bridgewater to visit Joe at his in-patient rehab.  I had not been over there in slightly more than a week.  The principal reason I do not stop by very often is that since Margaret spends so much of her time there, I focus on making sure that things on the home front remain status quo.  The secondary reason is that I am not a fan of such facilities.  

But yesterday neither reason prevented me from checking on the Pilgrim's progress.  And was I ever glad that I did.  His progress is remarkable.  He attacked his therapy with vigor.  It did me good to see him in action.  And I think that perhaps it did him some good to know that I was there. 

Nope.  Not the typical Wednesday.  Instead, it was one hell of a day. 


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