Friday, July 10, 2015

Insides Out

Surroundings change but that's all superficial stuff.
You go out there with what's inside you; 
You close your eyes and you could be anywhere.
So where you are doesn't matter.
- Bruce Springsteen

With all due deference to the Bard of the Boardwalk, who is now and forever my musical hero, every now and again where you are does matter.  The exception that proves the rule?  Perhaps. 

Today, the streets of lower Manhattan shall be lined by well-wishers as the World Champion United States Women's National Team, five days removed from their 5-2 triumph over Japan in the 2015 World Cup, is saluted by a ticker-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes.  The current tenant of Gracie Mansion has so consistently revealed himself to be a tone-deaf, asshat to this point in his first (and likely only) term in the Mayor's Office that it strikes me as slightly short of amazing that he managed to get behind this terrific idea.  Of course, given his propensity towards tardiness at high-profile, public events it would not surprise me in the least to see him arrive today just as the New York City Sanitation Department cleans up the last remnants of ticker-tape. 

I do not know what the forecast calls for this morning on the Hudson's other side but it is a safe bet that it shall be hot and humid.  It is mid-July after all.  I have a hunch that irrespective of the weather that those being honored and those doing the honors shall have one hell of a time.  

As well they should.  


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