Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In Tenths

July 15th already.  Wow.  It was right about this time of the summer, way back when I was a little boy who loafed away his summer days at Harvey's Lake, Pennsylvania, when the reality of summer's end would begin to creep into my day-to-day.  From mid-July through the end of August always seemed to me to be a time period I experienced as a free fall.  By the time I was in high school Dad was dead, the house at Harvey's Lake was shuttered, and August's second half heralded the arrival of pre-season, double-session soccer practice, which somehow made the transition to September's first day of school somehow easier to take.  

It makes me more than a little insane that this life I have chosen for myself is measured in readily discernible units of time.  I have spent close to two decades measuring my life in tenths of an hour.  And for what?  Far too often the client whose ass you are attempting to keep out of the sling is as difficult to deal with as is the adversary who is attempting to sling it.  Everyone likes his or her lawyer...right up until the point in time when the lawyer has to inform the client that the client's position on a particular issue is not as favorable as the client may wish to believe it to be.  Then, predictably, everyone is an expert.  

Everyone except the lawyer of course.  The lawyer?  The lawyer is simply an asshole.  

Everyone has a role to play I suppose.  

In my next life, I shall audition for a different one. 


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