Monday, July 27, 2015

Forrest and Trees

An interesting weekend of running this weekend.  On Saturday morning I ran in Sea Girt in a two-mile race known as the Parker House Run.  The starting line of the Parker House Run was four miles from our house in Lake Como.  So, I figured why not run to it.  And I did.  

Thirty three minutes or so after I left my driveway, I reached my destination.  Shortly thereafter I ran with Gidg and Jeff in the Parker House Run.  Nice little two mile sprint.  15:43 later I crossed the finish line.  By 9:30 am I had six miles under my belt. Gidg and Jeff and I spent a bit of time post-race at Fratello's.  Sufficiently "motivated" when our post-race celebration wrapped up and they headed south to 'Squan, I headed north to home.  Four miles later, I got there.  Ten miles by twelve noon.  All in all, a productive and satisfying morning.  

Yesterday, the plan as I envisioned it called for a four-mile run.  That plan went south quickly.  Actually it went north quickly.  Instead of simply heading north to Bradley Beach.  The southern end of Bradley Beach is two miles from our driveway in Lake Como.  But it was such a nice morning on which to run that when I reached my designated turn around point, I did not. I simply kept going north.  I continued north through Bradley Beach and thereafter through Ocean Grove.  I kept going north until I reached Convention Hall in Asbury Park.  Then, and only then, did I turn around and head for home.  

A four mile run turned into an eight mile run.  Twice the mileage.  At least twice the amount of satisfaction.  An eighteen mile weekend.  Not too damn bad.  Not at all.  


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