Monday, July 13, 2015

And Then There Was Five

The 39th Annual Belmar Five Mile Run was a terrific event - as it is every year.  Margaret very much enjoyed the fact that instead of having to drive to the race with me she was able to hang out at home with Joe.  As I understand it, she put our rehab star in his wheelchair and pushed him up to the boardwalk.  From my perspective, their Saturday morning was considerably more enjoyable than mine.  

I missed seeing my friend Jerry on Saturday.  I never see him on the course, he is far too fast a runner for he to keep up with him.  He was out-of-state, which meant that we were denied the opportunity to enjoy our traditional post-race Bloody Mary at Bar A.  Good news is that Jerry will be around for the Sea Girt 5K on August 1.  The race is two miles shorter but the post-race cocktails are the very same size.  Bank error in our favor.  

And how often - if ever - does that happen? 


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