Friday, July 24, 2015

A State of Grace

The true measure of a man
Is how he treats someone 
Who does him absolutely no good.
- Samuel Johnson

Inasmuch as Samuel Johnson never made the acquaintance of my sister, Kara, the precision with which he has described her is nothing short of extraordinary.  Then again, neither is she.  

The Sextet of Siblings that comprise the Kenny clan are fairly neatly divided into two trios (with the first three being "Kingston" and the second three being "Dallas" or some other time-forgotten town in Northeastern Pennsylvania).  Kara is the "Tip of the Spear" for the second threesome.  Approximately two years separates Kara's date of birth from Jill's and essentially the same amount of time separates Jill's from mine.  We are close enough in age that I graduated from 8th grade the year that Kara graduated high school - with Jill sandwiched neatly between us as a 10th grader getting ready to move on up to her junior year. 

I have, through the entirety of my life, marveled at Kara's willingness to expend the effort to create a positive out of practically any set of circumstances.  Her endless reservoir of patience and understanding is something with which I did not come equipped from the factory.  When we were younger I used to think on occasion that it was something into which I might possibly grow.  Life has taught me that it is Grace that Kara has in such abundance.  It is not something into which one grows.  It is something that one simply has.  Kara has it.  

Today Kara celebrates her birthday and I hope that both this day and the year's worth of days that shall follow in line right behind it do her justice.  She deserves nothing less. 


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