Saturday, July 11, 2015

A July Jaunt

Joe not only finally blew out of the Popsicle stand that was in-patient rehab yesterday, he managed to reach the beach as well.  It is nice to see him finally able to enjoy all of the trappings of "Joe-Topia", which is what the Missus and I have christened his room in our little Paradise by the Sea.  

This morning is the 39th annual Belmar Five Mile Run, in which I have been an annual participant since (I think) 2010.  Today, however, marks the first time - of what I hope shall be many, many times - that I can simply roll out of bed, throw on my running gear and walk on over towards the starting area.  Our home, which is nestled between 17th Avenue and 18th Avenue, is on the opposite side of town from the starting line, which is at (I think) 3rd Avenue and Ocean Avenue.  So, in order to get from my home to the start, I shall have to walk approximately fourteen blocks.  Here's my thought on that:  If I cannot walk fourteen blocks, then I probably should not have signed up to run five miles.  One is a bit more strenuous undertaking than the other.  

If history is any guide, then today's race shall be an experience akin to spending forty to forty-five minutes inside of a blast furnace.  But it is an annual rite of summer and, while I do not necessarily enjoy it to pieces while I am participating in it, I very much enjoy taking part in it each summer.  

And if you are also channeling your inner Rocky Burnette this morning, then perhaps I shall see you out there.  Unless, of course, you are my friend Jerry Della Torre, who always finishes so far ahead of me that I never catch up to him...

...until we reach the outside bar at Bar A, which very well may be my all-time favorite finish line. 


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