Monday, June 22, 2015

What the Fuck is Wrong with Us?

The Summer Solstice arrived yesterday at 12:38 EDT.  Thus, summer's first full day on the job in 2015 is a Monday.  A season with a working person's attitude.  I like it.  I suppose we can presume that its last name is not Bush, Clinton or Trump.  Am I the only one who suspects that if Trump was to get elected President he would rename all of the seasons...or at the very least put his name in front of them. Except for fall.  "Trump Fall" would likely conjure up a memory of a time when the Donald was not quite as flush as he is presently.  

I spent a portion of the past few days ruminating over the domestic terror attack that the cowardly piece of racist shit - who shall remain nameless here - perpetrated on Wednesday at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  I hope that all of us did - irrespective of the color of our skin.  The question is rhetorical but I need to ask it anyway:  How much longer are we going to do this to ourselves?

The single greatest threat to humans is neither being killed and eaten by a shark (Full-proof plan: Stay on land) or mauled to death by a polar bear (Full-proof plan:  Stay away from the Arctic).  It is being killed by another member of the tribe.  Far too often the one who determines that we are not worthy any longer of being counted among the living is a stranger to us.   He knows us not at all but still wishes us harm.  Huh?

What the fuck is wrong with us?  

We bullshit ourselves into wanting to believe that those of us who are here presently neither shape the the attitudes of those who come after us nor bear any responsibility for them.  And I do not mean simply those who come after us in our own families, such as our children or a niece or a nephew.  I mean ALL of those who arrive here after ALL of us.  You do not believe me?  Okay Slick, you feel free to paraphrase Axl Rose and choose your delusion. Meanwhile, the rest of us swimming in the adult end of the pool will consider the following.

A human being is born incapable of speaking its native tongue.  A human being is born incapable of reading.  A human being is born without the ability to write.  A human being is born lacking the ability to wipe its own ass.  A human being is born without the ability to feed itself.    

A newborn human being most assuredly cannot assign any significance to skin color, national origin, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.  The only thing a newborn human being probably can differentiate between - mere moments after arrival - is wet and dry, having just been expelled from a warm, wet place and into one decidedly less so.  

With all due respect to Ms. Swift, but for our willingness to continue to pay it forward when it comes to hatred based upon characteristics including race, ethnicity, and the like it would be a damn sight harder for the haters to hate.  

What the fuck is wrong with us?  

When the fuck are we going to repair ourselves? 

If we are unwilling or unable to repair ourselves, then let's take an affirmative step to weeding out the active, organized bigots..  A national lottery to win an all-expenses paid, one-way trip to either Seal Island, South Africa or the Arctic seems like a step in the right direction especially if the odds of winning are really good.  More than one Grand Prize winner every day would be helpful too.  

Until then, take comfort - as I do - in the presence of those among us such as Jon Stewart, with whom I can find but two faults.  First, he is leaving us in approximately six weeks.  Second, he is not taking with him Rick Perry, Jeb Bush and/or the the other candidates for the office of President of the United States who lacked the intestinal fortitude to call what happened in South Carolina what it was:  An act of race-based, domestic terrorism.



Judith Pack said...

So well said. I cannot watch a report about the atrocity in S. Carolina without asking, "when did things in this Country go so horribly wrong?" While I understand the debate over the Confederate Flag, it is frustrating that it now makes the headlines, as if taking it down will solve the deeper problems.

Adam Kenny said...

Thanks very much for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts. The visit and the input are both appreciated very much.