Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tunnels and Lights

Yet another soggy Saturday is on tap (no pun intended) for those of us who make our home in the State of Concrete Gardens.  I do not pretend to know what it is that June showers are supposed to bring but thus far this month they have done one hell of an effective job of bringing inconvenience and even misery to thousands of people across New Jersey.  

One week from today is Independence Day.  Already.  Proof I suppose that even when being pelted by rain, time still flies.  Perhaps by this time next week, Giuseppe will have limped his way home from in-patient rehabilitation.  The progress he has made in just this past week has been nothing short of extraordinary.  Yesterday was "Staple Removal Day!" so maybe, just maybe, he has made it far enough through the tunnel to be able to glimpse a bit of the light at its end.  

My faithful canine companion Rosalita shall get her first Shore experience later today when she accompanies the Missus and me to our little Paradise by the Sea.  Thus far, weekends we have spent at the beach have been weekends Rosie has spent successfully shaking down Giuseppe down for food that he "accidentally" drops for her.  But with him on the DL, and her not having yet mastered the art of opening the back door, the art of filling her own water dish, or the art of getting her food out of the cabinet, she needs to drive south with us to ensure adult supervision.  

I hope that the weather is nice enough at some point this weekend to introduce her to the swans that call Lake Como home.  We live just a few blocks from the lake so our walking route will take us past it.   I am fairly confident that Rosie has ever seen a bird up close and personal - although I am sure that she has zero familiarity with water fowl.  Methinks that these beautiful birds have not met too many neighbors who bring the noise with as much enthusiasm as Rosie.  

Here is to hoping that it proves to be the start of a beautiful friendship...

...or at the very least, a peaceful co-existence.  


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