Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Oracle of Dolenz

"There is the brink of insanity,
and then there is the abyss."
- Kevin Dolenz (St. Elmo's Fire)

I fear that at some point on this past Tuesday morning, we the people of these United States raced headlong past insanity's brink and plummeted directly into its abyss.  An overreaction?  I think not.  I really, really hope that I am wrong.  

To think, all these years I had counted upon Michael Stipe to advise me as to which sign of the apocalypse to look out for first.  While I had my ear to the ground listening for the Earth's rumbles, a carnival barker sneaked right past me.  

Before you dismiss the candidacy of the aforementioned barker, consider that what P.T. Barnum rather famously observed, "Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public", more than a century ago remains true today.  

With all due respect to Mr. Stipe, I believe that against the backdrop of recent events Lenny Bruce - if not afraid - would be at least mildly concerned.  He might well take some comfort from the fact - as do I - that at least for the next six weeks Jon Stewart is keeping watch.    


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