Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Music from the Carillon

The Missus and I have not seen a great deal of each other the past ten days or so.  She has been devoting her time and energy - appropriately - to Joe's journey through the American health care system as he acquaints himself with his new knee.  A considerable amount of her time is spent somewhere other than home these days.  Inasmuch as most of my adult life has been spent somewhere other than home, our points of intersection recently have been few and far between. 

Nevertheless we managed to end up in the same place long enough on Monday evening to talk about something that touches upon us only tangentially but touches far more directly upon one of our adult offspring.  Nothing serious, mind you, but something that appears for present purposes to be weighing more heavily than it should on the minds of those directly affected.  

I am not likely to end up on the Medal Platform for Father of the Year even if running unopposed.  That said, I have learned enough during my time on the job to know that often times it is the medium in which the message is presented that matters as much as - if not more than - the content of the message.     

As I ruminated a bit yesterday morning about the conversation that the Missus and I had had on Monday night, my mind kept circling back to one of my favorite John Hiatt songs.  

An argument could be made I suppose that it represents the perfect marriage between medium and message...

...although that really is not for me to say.  


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