Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Scarred Tissues and Fallen Shadows...

It has been said time heals all wounds.  I do not agree. 
The wounds remain.  In time, the mind, protecting its sanity,
covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. 
But it is never gone. 
- Rose Kennedy

Six years ago today, in the very early hours of the morning, Suzanne Bozzomo died.  Her small physical stature belied her lion's heart.  The latter powered her in the pitched, desperate battle against cancer, which attacked and assailed her for the final five years of her life.  

Rose Kennedy never met my wife.  Yet Mrs. Kennedy's sentiments are Margaret's sentiments, which are in fact the sentiments of the entire Bozzomo tribe, from Joe, to Margaret and Frank, and to their respective branches of the family tree.  Sanity has demanded the growth of scar tissue.  Whether it has been accompanied by the lessening of pain is not for me to say.  

I suspect - on a day in/day out basis - that it has lessened imperceptibly if at all.  However, I have every confidence that there have been occasions on which it has.  Included among them are the weddings of four of her grandchildren and the births of three great-grandchildren.  She has not been physically present for any of these events, yet she has not missed a single one.  

Today shall be an exceptionally tough day for Margaret.  This date on the calendar always is.  I suspect that - if my own experience in this department is any guide - it shall remain so.   But she shall get through it.  Not because it is easy.  But because it is necessary.  

And because at day's end, it is nothing less than what Suzy B. would do herself.  Margaret possesses a great many attributes and among them is the fact that she is her mother's daughter.  It is a trait that has served her well through fifty-two-plus years on this planet.  It is a trait that gives her the strength to make it through this terrible day.  She has the requisite scar tissue to accomplish the task at hand.  

The pain lessens, perhaps, but it remains.  As does the one whose loss is grieved.  Today, and every day, in the hearts of those she loved and those who loved her.  It is there that she shall be kept...


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