Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pain Killer

Television was painful last night.  Not because it fell on me.  In fact that has not happened for quite some time.  As it turns out, sobriety greatly lessens the frequency with which such things occur.  Good thing too.  I am not a young man any longer.  I have grown older and wearier.  Television sets have grown too damn expensive.  

No, television was painful last night because Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals was played and neither of the teams on the ice was the New York Rangers.  Yet again this season, the team that shall skate around the ice holding the Stanley Cup aloft shall be a team other than the Broadway Blueshirts.  

By the time next hockey season ends, I will be forty-nine years old.  In my lifetime, the Rangers have captured one Stanley Cup.  If the Black Hawks win the Cup this year, it shall be Chicago's third Cup in the past six years.  The Hawks are - as the Rangers are - an Original Six team.  If the Lightning win this series, then it shall be Tampa Bay's second Cup since 2004.  Tampa.  A town in which ice - let alone ice hockey - is such an anathema that when it snows it is a major event...even thirty-five years later.

You cannot be a Rangers fan if you do not expect them to break your heart.  Knowing it is coming does not necessarily make it hurt any less.  Not right away.  

And most assuredly not by Game One of the Cup Finals. 


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