Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In the Skeleton Frame of a Burned Out Chevrolet...

At some point this morning, on the grounds of his high school Alma mater, our Governor shall formally announce his intention to seek the nomination of the Republican Party for the office of President of the United States, which shall bring an end, finally, to the worst-kept secret in Jersey politics.  It has been so poorly guarded that it has reminded me - and likely me alone - of the story that Carlos Marcello, the long-time Don of organized crime in Louisiana, reputedly had a sign on prominent display in his office (on the wall behind his desk directly above his his head), which sign served to remind the person or persons with whom he was meeting of Marcello's credo:  Three Can Keep a Secret...if Two of Them are Dead.  Don Marcello's sign can find no wall space at the Governor's campaign headquarters.   

For reasons not entirely clear to me, the Governor and his advisory team long ago abandoned the pretense of surprise surrounding today's announcement while simultaneously choosing/refusing to make his intentions known.  I read somewhere over the weekend that by officially cannon balling his way into the festivities today, he becomes the fourteenth GOP candidate in the Presidential pool.  Fourteen?  And worse yet, more are on the way.

This election cycle, in spite of the almost zero likelihood that whichever one of them wins the nomination shall carry California in the general election, the GOP field has taken on a characteristic usually associated with fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers:  They arrive late.  A significant number of them, of course, shall inevitably take on another signature characteristic of the Dodger faithful:  They shall leave early.  

I suspect that our Governor shall be among the early exits.  He does not call upon me for advice, of course, but if he did I would have recommended to him to sit this one out.  I say that as a New Jersey voter - and a registered Republican - who voted for him in 2009 and, again, in 2013.  I say that as someone who has previously contributed financially to his election efforts - and who receives a Christmas card each year as an acknowledgment of that fact.  I say that as someone who does not know the Governor but who suspects, based upon - if nothing else - our shared passion for Springsteen's music, if I did that we would probably get along just fine.  

I say that because when I voted for him in 2013, I voted for him to continue to work at the job to which we the people of the State of Concrete Gardens had elected him.  However, in the almost two years since he handily won re-election, his focus, his energy, and his time has been devoted not to the job he presently has but, instead it has been devoted to the job he covets.  It is a devotion that over the course of the past two-plus years, at times, has been both naked and blind.  It is devotion that will have him on the road to his newly adopted home-away-from-home state of New Hampshire almost immediately after formally announcing his candidacy in his hometown of Livingston, New Jersey this morning.   

As a reasonably-informed member of the electorate who has supported the Governor politically, I had spent some time and energy over the course of these past several months hoping that someone in his inner sanctum would speak the plain truth to him.  I had hoped that someone he trusts would go all Adrian Balboa on him.  Either such a conversation did not happen or it happened and he ignored it. 

And not a moment sooner.


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