Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Give 'Em Hell Harriette

Today is National Running Day.  A day acknowledged not through the giving of a card but, rather, a stick of Body Glide.  Not really but I assure you, it should be.  If Body Glide is not the best thing every invented, its spot in the Eternal Top Ten List is secure - at least as long as I am the one tabulating the votes.  

But I digress.  

In honor of today, I shall run - as I do several times a week and a couple of hundred times (at least) a year.  I tend not to be overly social, whether running or not so I shall make zero effort to find a group (or even a partner) with whom to run.  Given that the State of Concrete Gardens has been channeling its inner Seattle these past several days, it is not unreasonable to presume that I shall run in the dungeon-esque comfort of my basement, on my treadmill, which was my constant companion as I trained for this year's New Jersey Marathon, which was my fourth such undertaking at that distance. 

This past Sunday, Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, who is ninety-two years young, completed her sixteenth marathon.  Apparently, Ms. Thompson makes an annual pilgrimage to San Diego, California to participate in the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.  She has done so since 1999 - except for 2013 when mouth cancer prevented her from taking part in the race.  

Ms. Thompson not only completed the race, she completed it in 7:24:36, which for those who do not speak "running time" is seven hours, twenty-four minutes, and thirty-eight seconds.  For those of us who speak and understand any language, you can describe it thusly:  Wow!  In doing so, she became the oldest woman to ever complete a marathon.  Ms. Thompson was 92 years and 65 days old when she ran in San Diego on Sunday.  Gladys Burrill was 92 years and 19 days old when she completed a marathon five years ago.  Ms. Thompson eclipsed Ms. Burrill's age by forty-six days and smashed her time by more than two hours.  Ms. Burrill completed the 2010 Honolulu Marathon in 9:53:16.  

If Ms. Thompson felt at all down about the fact that her time in the 2015 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon was approximately seventeen minutes off of her 2014 time, which enabled her to set an age-group record (by a measly one hour and forty-six minutes!) then she hid it well.  In fact, she buried it under her ear-to-ear grin.    

And if you would like an ear-to-ear grin of your own to try on, just for fun, then click here and simply wait for it to happen.  Disappointed you shall not be.  

I promise.  


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