Thursday, June 25, 2015

Caleb, Colonel, and Citizen Kane

If you want a happy ending that depends, 
of course, on where you stop your story.
- Orson Welles 

There is a lot of bad shit in the world.  It is a commodity for which demand shall never outdistance supply.  

Today, at least, this space shall serve as a respite from the onslaught.  Why? I know not.  Am I feeling the holiday spirit perhaps?  Today is Half-Christmas after all, and with Christmas six months away we are probably only three months away from getting bombarded with advertisements for shit that we - and those we love, like, and/or for whom we are obliged to by something - simply "must have".  Ho! Ho! Fucking Ho! indeed.  

Upon further contemplation, I can state with confidence that I am NOT feeling the holiday spirit. 

What I am feeling is something significantly better - a feeling bestowed upon me for free by a little boy named Caleb Howard and his therapy dog, Colonel.   If you want to feel it, then read their story here and watch it here.  (You can link to the video in the story itself but I preferred to open a separate link to the video so I could read and watch at same time).  I dare you to learn the story of Caleb and Colonel with tearing up at least a little bit.   

In fact, I do not simply dare you - I Double Dog dare you!  It is cool for me to do so.  Colonel has my back.   

See you tomorrow.  A little Mr. Hiatt for your trip home - or to accompany you to wherever it is you go from here...



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