Sunday, June 7, 2015

But Waiting for You, for an Interval

It was one year ago yesterday that the Family Kizis lost its matriarch.  Diana Kizis, the wife of Robert (a/k/a/ "B-O-B"), the mother of Lynne, Laura, Sue, and Pam, and the grandmother of Joe, Mike, Olivia, Andrew, Ryan and Brendan died after a ferocious, valiant battle against cancer.  A truly beautiful human being who I was fortunate enough to get to know over the course of the past quarter-century.  

It is cliche perhaps to comment upon someone dying too soon.  A cliche, of course, becomes one because its contents include more than a mere kernel of truth.  In the case of Mrs. Kizis, the truth of that statement is measured not by the kernel but by the cob.  

Today the Missus and I shall join with the Kizises to celebrate her life and to toast not just her memory, but her legacy.  A legacy that is alive, well, and pulsing through the veins of those who loved her dearly and for whom she felt an immeasurable love.  

The other morning I came across something on-line that was written approximately one hundred years ago by Henry Scott Holland.  Dr. Holland was Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford and what he wrote then seems apropos - to my way of thinking anyway - not simply for the Kizis family today but for every family every day...

"All is well."
-Professor Henry Scott Holland


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