Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Maiden Voyage Around The Sun

I am a decidedly unspectacular human being - unless one views being an asshole as an extraordinary achievement.  For if one does, then on that score I have soared - including to dizzying heights on too many occasions to count.  Such is life. 

In spite of my innate mediocrity, I have been been fortunate enough to bear witness to a number of extraordinary events.  Atop that list - squeezing in ahead of both CU's 1991 Orange Bowl win over Notre Dame that won the Buffs' only National Championship and the Rangers' 1994 Stanley Cup win over the Vancouver Canucks, which remains the only Cup they have captured in my lifetime - are the weddings of my two children.  

Suzanne and Ryan were married on September 6, 2013.  All the wrong I have done in my life did not deprive me of the opportunity to accompany my daughter up the aisle, a journey that took less than one minute to complete and shall remain etched upon my memory forever.  

One year ago today - and nine months to the day after his sister's wedding - Rob married Jess.  I am not a spiritual man (the Lord and I have an understanding) but whoever it is who is responsible for such things could not have conjured up a more spectacular day.  

They exchanged their vows on the sands of Bradshaw Beach under a sun-drenched sky and within one hundred yards of the point of intersection where the ocean meets the beach.  It was a beautiful ceremony, which celebrated the commencement of a beautiful life for the two of them.

A life that today marks its very first anniversary.  May this day, for them, be as full of happiness, joy, love, and peace as was that day.  And may every day going forward from this day serve as nothing less than building block for those that shall follow behind it. 

Happy Anniversary...

...and may those smiles never leave the eyes of either of you.   



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