Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Day Spent in Adult Swim

Far more often than not, this space is occupied by words and thoughts that - if not frivolous - are not necessarily worthy of inclusion in a Merchant-Ivory Production.  Today is not such a day. 

I got up in the middle of the night (Sunday night into Monday morning) in response to my faithful companion Rosalita having effectively communicated to me her urgent need to go to the bathroom. That fact, coupled with her absence of thumbs, caused me to get her out into the back yard with dispatch.  As I headed down the hallway, my eyes opened enough to allow me to read a message my sister Kara had sent to the Kenny Siblings.  I do not recall it verbatim but the gist of it was, "Sigrid believed to have heart attack.  Airlifted to hospital in Hartford." 

Sigrid is my sister-in-law.  She and Bill have been married for close to four decades.  While not even I am so morbid as to participate in any wagering regarding "Who Is Today's Best Bet to Have a Heart Attack?" were I so inclined, Sigrid's name would not appear anywhere on that list.  Irrespective of that omission, she apparently was stricken with one nonetheless.  

I am my brother's brother, which means that I share a trait common to the Kennys (at least to the men of the tribe), which is that I loathe the things over which I have no ability to exercise control.  We do not like problems we cannot fix.  Monday morning, as Bill, Michelle and Patrick dealt with this new bit of reality, I am quite certain that Bill did not breathe easily until he received confirmation two or three times over from the medical personnel who were attending to Sigrid that the worst of her experience was behind her.  And then, he still likely paced the hallway until he wore the soles off of his shoes.  

Based upon the updates that he provided, Michelle provided and the star patient herself provided (is not social media grand?), it appears that Sigrid shall be enjoying the creature comforts associated with hospital living (green Jello and 2:45 am blood draws) until Wednesday.  That piece of the story was the only piece that made me smile.  

A sentiment that I am quite confident was shared - to one degree or another - by every member of the Connecticut branch of the family tree.  


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