Friday, May 22, 2015

Time to Be Getting Gone

As a significant number of Americans prepare to herald (albeit unofficially) the arrival of the Summer of 2015 by loading themselves and, perhaps, a loved one (or loved ones) into a vehicle and heading off down the road a piece, this simple man has a simple request:  Do your level best to arrive safely and to spend your holiday safely.  If jails, hospitals, and morgues were places to be seen while on vacation, significantly more of them would be highlighted on Google Maps and in the Rand-McNally Atlas than are presently.

As a rapidly-aging man who to date, in close to a half-century's tenancy on this planet, has seen the New York Rangers win just one Stanley Cup, this simple fan has a simple request for AV and his Blueshirts:  Win tonight's Game Four against the Lightning.   I do not play golf.  Therefore, I cannot fathom a reason why anyone would be eager to get out on the golf course.  Rinks are much cooler.  I meant that in a figurative sense but I note that it works quite nicely in the literal sense as well.  

I reckon that means that my work here is done.  For today, at least.  Time to be getting gone.

After all, summer's here...



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