Sunday, May 10, 2015

There Goes My Hero...

There goes my hero
Watch her as she goes...
-Foo Fighters

Mom & Me at CU Graduation
Boulder, Colorado May 12, 1989

Margaret, Mom & Me 
Bay Head, N.J. - August 2010

Mom and Me & My Masterpiece
Jupiter, Florida - February 2013

Rob and Mom 
Suzanne & Ryan's Wedding - September 6, 2013

I shall not apologize to Dave Grohl or his band mates for my "gender reassignment" of the pronoun from male to female for the title suits Mom perfectly.  Widowed far too young (she was less than two weeks away from her 53rd birthday) and left with the daunting task of getting the back half of the family sextet through high school and college alone and with roughly 80% of the household income interred with Dad, she never flinched.  As a fourteen-year-old boy I gleaned a lifetime's worth of knowledge about the distinction to be drawn between fear, which is a wholly healthy emotion, and panic, which will kill you if you allow it to do so, from the indomitable Joanie K.   She is - and has been for as long as I can remember - the bravest person I have ever known. 

We are a diverse bunch, the sextet of Kenny children to whom Mom gave birth, but all three of her daughters inherited her iron will.  Evan, Kara, and Jill are unique women, spectacular in their own way.  Each shares a common characteristic - a lion's heart.  It is an inherited trait. 

Her three sons were each wise enough to seek out and lucky enough to marry a woman imbued with  a beautiful heart encased in steely toughness as well.  Sigrid, Linda, and Margaret stand as evidence that each of Mom's three sons possesses more than a mere modicum of common sense and that each of the three of are teachable creatures, capable of learning.  Coincidentally, those are also inherited traits.     

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  You remain pound-for-pound the toughest old Irish broad around, irrespective of your fast-approaching 87th birthday.  

Much love and many thanks.  

"No matter how far we stray, a mother's love will follow."
Star Ledger - Mother's Day 1997


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