Monday, May 11, 2015

The Pilgrims' Progress

The Missus and I spent most of this weekend continuing to round the new digs into shape.  We were assisted greatly on Saturday by the Staten Island Cavalry Corps.  Stacey, SalliJo and Kevin all crossed the river to lend assistance both physical and mechanical.  Thanks to them we managed to get accomplished a number of items on the Missus' "to-do" list as we continue to race the calendar to Memorial Day.  

Yesterday, we spent a piece of Margaret's Mother's Day at the beach with Joe.  It was his first look at the new digs.  He seemed pretty pleased with what he saw, which might have had as much to do with the fact that he had hot coffee to drink and television to watch as anything else but I think that the smell of the ocean air was what carried the day.  

I know that it certainly did for me. 


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