Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Danger of the Hide-Away Face...

Well, we all have a face
That we hide away forever
And we take them out and show ourselves
When everyone has gone.
Some are satin, some are steel.
Some are silk and some are leather. 
They're the faces of the stranger 
But we love to try them on...
-Billy Joel

I do not mean to be a downer on what the weather prognosticators (at least those of the biped variety) have predicted shall be a rather beautiful May weekend - at least here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  That being said, and with an apology for perhaps "harshing your mellow", I am now going to respectfully suggest that before you move on to today's next scheduled event, you spend fifteen minutes or so here.

At the risk of sounding biased (the piece's author, Kate Fagan, is a Colorado Buffalo and quite an extraordinary woman) this examination of the life and death of young Madison Holleran practically rises to the level of required reading.  She was just a nineteen-year-old  Jersey girl - a freshman student-athlete at the University of Pennsylvania - when she leaped to her death from the ninth floor of a parking garage in Philadelphia on the evening of January 17, 2014.   

The willingness of her parents, whose sadness is palpable, to share their daughter and their story with the rest of us so that other families reading of the Hollerans' experience may be better equipped to avoid experiencing it themselves is - to me - nothing short of extraordinary.  As is the "Community" page they have started "In Memory of Madison Holleran", which serves as a conduit for those struggling with depression or mental health issues and resources that are available, which resources might make a critical difference in their life.  

I hope that you take me up on my suggestion and read Kate Fagan's piece on Madison Holleran.  It will make you smile.  It will make you cry.  It will make you think.  It might very well make you want to pick up the phone and call someone in your own day-to-day who has been on your mind just to see how he or she is doing.  Good things all.  


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