Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Teachers, Pupils & Things Once Seen That Cannot Be Unseen...

I suspect that if I was ever positioned to either seek election to the office of President of the United States or retained to provide counsel to one who sought said office, I would do all that I could to forestall making my intentions known.  We are yet eighteen months or so from Election Day 2016 and thus far too many Republicans to count have declared their intention to succeed Barack Obama (Senator Cruz and former Governor Perry, being loyal sons of Ottawa and Texas respectively announced, in the alternative, their willingness to accept secession to succession should it come to that although in the interest of full disclosure former Governor Perry was unaware of the distinction between the two).  

The presumed purposes of the seemingly ceaseless expansion of the Presidential campaign season to a length that approximates an NBA season (and much like professional basketball features events of little to no significance until deep into the contest) is to start the process of raising gobs of money (with the target being a gob big enough to (a) scare off prospective rivals; or (b) soak up all available money so that it is not available to the aforementioned prospective rivals) and to introduce yourself to 'Murica - or at least to the portions of 'Murica in which the earliest caucuses and primaries are slated to be held.   That is why, perhaps, the Governor of the State of Concrete Gardens has seemed to spend enough time in New Hampshire and Iowa since the first of this year to score in-state tuition for his child should he/she wish to attend college in either state. 

The downside to this period of extended foreplay is that every now and then a mouth opens and something genuinely inane comes out of it.  Do not take my word for it.  Ask Jeb Bush.  Or if you prefer, ask Marco Rubio.  Or for shits and giggles, ask Ivy Ziedrich but do not expect Governor Bush to call upon her again any time soon - or anyone whose question has not been vetted well in advance of the appearance so that the candidate's answer can be rehearsed over and over.  

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