Sunday, May 24, 2015

Somewhere Howard Beale Smiles...

If you have ever dealt with the assholes who operate Silver Airways.  If you have ever had someone from Continental/United help themselves to your luggage and, thereafter, have had to endure being mind-phucked by some customer service representative who has been trained in the art of telling customers - in about fifty different ways - just how much she would like to help you but she really can't.  

If anything like that has happened to you, then maybe -  just maybe - you can relate to Naked Guy. Apparently, upon learning that his flight to Jamaica had been oversold, which presumably meant that the seat he thought had his name on it in fact had been promised to another he decided to express his outrage in such a manner that his point of view would be unmistakable.  

It is not everyday that one bears witness to another unsheathing his inner Howard Beale - as well as his outer everything else, which this gentleman apparently did for approximately forty-five minutes until the police arrived.    

Maybe he was just trying out a new technique for expediting the process of getting through the TSA Security Checkpoint?  Crazy you say.  I say:  Show of hands of everyone who would prefer to have ol' Petey Pecker standing in front of you as opposed to behind you.  



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