Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shore As I'm Sitting Here...

I do not pretend to be smart enough to know whether one day can in fact serve as a portent of things to come.  Hell, I do not pretend to be smart enough to know what portent means without first consulting the Book of Webster.  No, not this Webster.  This one.  

Therefore, I know not whether the beautiful morning that greeted Jeff, Gidg, Jaime, Jerry, Arnold, Sara and me (along with 12,500 or so of our closest friends) this past Saturday on Ocean Avenue in Spring Lake shall serve as the weather template for the Summer of 2015.  I know simply that in the five years that I have run the Spring Lake Five Mile Run, which is held annually on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, the weather this year was the best that I can remember.  My time was - as it usually is - just on this side of mediocre.  As the Hall of Fame football coach Bill Parcells once rather presciently observed, "You are what your record says you are."  My record says that when I compete in five-mile races, more often than not I complete them in the forty-three minute to forty-five minute range.  

The Missus and I spent our first Memorial Day Weekend at our little slice of paradise by the sea.  Saturday, post-race, was devoted principally to doing lots of nothing - and doing it in several different places.  We walked up to the beach and hung out there for a while in the early afternoon until the wind shifted and the temperature did likewise - from cool to uncomfortable.  No worries.  We simply retreated to our house, called an audible and drove over to Spring Lake.  We then spent the next couple of hours wandering through and around the various shops of Spring Lake.  When we ran out of things to look at there, we drove a few miles south to Point Pleasant Beach.  Once there, we wandered rather aimlessly up and down Arnold Avenue for a couple of hours - until we found a store that had something Margaret thought she might like for the house.  

By afternoon's end, the pedometer app on Margaret's iPhone confirmed that she had walked, herself, a 10K.  Yep, as a result of her various and several jaunts she walked a brisk 6.2 miles.  I assure you that she slept well on Saturday night...

...well, I assume she did anyway.  My eyes were closed upon my head making contact with the pillow so, truth be told, I am not well-equipped to confirm Margaret's sleep status.

I have no way of knowing whether this past weekend was an indication of how this summer shall go.  If it was, I assure you that you shall hear nary a complaint from me.  


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