Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May No Whisper Go Unanswered

As a parent there is no fear that equals that of the fear of outliving your child.  I think that is so because as a parent you intuitively accept the fact that upon the arrival of your child into your life, your life's mission changes from whatever it might have been previously to the protection of that child.  

It is a sucker's bet to be sure.  Try as one might, as a parent one is always over-matched in the protection department.  There are simply too many beds under which to check.  Too many closet doors to open.  Too many bogeymen.  Not enough time.  

If you are a parent of a son or a daughter who works in the field of law enforcement, then you went to bed last night - and arose this morning - hoping like hell that the shoes in which the family of Police Officer Brian Moore of the NYPD is now being forced to walk are shoes that you shall never have to slip on your own two feet.  Officer Moore, based in the 105th Precinct in Queens Village, died yesterday from gunshot wounds he sustained two days earlier when he was shot in the face by an individual whose own history includes convictions for other acts of violence

Brian Moore was twenty-five years young.  He had been a member of the NYPD for five years. Policing the streets of New York City is something of a family business for the Moores.  Officer Moore's father, Ray, is a retired NYPD sergeant.  Brian's uncle is also.   

Police Officer Brian Moore could.  Police Officer Brian Moore did.  Today, and going forward from today, keep a good thought for the family from whom he was taken far too soon.  They deserve it.
For him and for themselves.

Fidelis Ad Mortem...

Police Officer Brian Moore, NYPD
105th Precinct - Queens Village
End of Watch:  May 4, 2015


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