Saturday, May 23, 2015

And Away We Go...

The Missus and I shall spend this weekend - at least until the office beckons on Monday - enjoying our first "Holiday Weekend" as homeowners at the beach.  By this time tonight, I dread that my driveway and front lawn will be strewn with discarded plastic cups and paper plates, courtesy of the just-arrived, well-lubricated crowd of young people who pop up (some might say like dandelions) at the Shore to coincide with Memorial Day's arrival.  I care not.  Actually, while I care I do not care enough to allow their presence to harsh my mellow.  Their presence has no impact upon our proximity to the magic elixir that is the ocean.  

Nor shall it have - this morning at least - any impact upon my proximity to the start line of the Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  I do not know who is more excited about this year's edition.  Me, because rather than driving into Spring Lake and finding a place to park, I shall simply run the mile and a quarter or so between my house and the starting line.  Margaret, because now that we are down here and so close to it, she does not have to come with me.  My wife is a hell of a good sport but she enjoys standing around at the finish line of races as much as I enjoy shopping for shower curtains or comforters.  

Enjoy your first unofficial Saturday of summer.  I know that Margaret and I certainly hope to do so.  


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