Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Open Letter to the Bees

I hope that all of the Moms had a happy and restful Mother's Day.   I am fairly confident that Margaret did.  We spent the morning bopping around at the beach getting the house into shape to open the summer season.  After we came home and vegetated for a little while, we headed up the mountain to Suz/Ryan's for a Mother's Day dinner.  A very nice day from start to finish.  I hope the Missus enjoyed it.  It seemed to me that she did.  

Work commitments and travels back and forth to the beach have curtailed my running these past couple of weeks.  While not running on a regular basis tends to make me a bit more obnoxious than usual, I think thus far there has been no perceptible shift in my demeanor.  That is likely due in large part to the fact that while work is work, everything going on at the beach is a very happy undertaking (even the seemingly-unexciting stuff such as painting and pulling up carpet), which has helped keep my mental oars fully engaged and in the water.

Before we headed down the beach on Saturday, I availed myself of the opportunity to go for a nice, quick (for me anyway) four-mile run through the neighborhood.  There is nothing I enjoy more than running outdoors.   However, there are few things I enjoy less than trying to breathe through all of my allergies.  Spring is in the air in the State of Concrete Gardens and pollen has ridden along with it.  It is a bit difficult to run when it is very difficult to breathe.  Nevertheless I was happy to have made it through the four miles that I had intended to run - even if at the end of the run I was gasping for air as if I had just completed a run of a considerably longer distance.  

The Spring Lake Five Mile Run is one week from Saturday.  Summer's unofficial/official start.  Pollen or no pollen, I am very much looking forward to it.  Well, admittedly more so if there is no pollen but, either way...


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