Friday, May 1, 2015

A Piece of Peace

"If at first you don't succeed..." may not be the mantra everyone employs when it comes to purchasing real estate.  Yet it is entirely applicable to the Missus and me.  Presuming Hoyle is present and accounted for, by day's end she and I shall have completed the transaction that shall make us owners of our very own little piece of the Jersey Shore.  All's well that ends well; right?  Today has the makings of a really good "ends well" kind of day. 

I am restless by nature.  It is an affliction with which I have battled my entire life.  The older I get, the more I try to combat it by placing myself as much as possible in a setting where my surroundings serve as an elixir.  I lack the skill set to eradicate it entirely.  I try, instead, to place myself in situations where I am as well-equipped to battle it as I can be.  

One place where I readily and repeatedly find peace is at the beach.  I am Irish so whereas my Italian wife can tan to several different shades of bronze, I am something akin to a human candy cane or barber pole:  I have two colors, white and red.  The sun's torment notwithstanding, as I have aged I have grown to simply love the ocean.  I love the smell of the sea air.  I love the sound produced at the point of intersection between surf and sand.  I love the way the moon looks over the Atlantic in the autumn.  

Moon over the Atlantic
October 2014

Most of all, I love the feeling I get when I am in the immediate vicinity of the ocean.  It is one of peace.  It is one of contentment.  

And today, if everything proceeds according to plan, Margaret and I shall own our own small piece of peace.  Legally speaking, the bank shall own it.  We shall have the privilege of making mortgage payments on it for years to come.

"Beach House" sign - A Christmas gift from the 
Colorado branch of the Family Tree
(finally ready to be unwrapped)

Still, you get the idea.


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