Monday, April 27, 2015

To Reach the Beach

A simply beautiful day on which to run. Yesterday was spectacular.  While my finishing time was a bit slower than I had hoped for, it was a terrific day nonetheless.  Sixteen works of hard work. One unforgettable day.  

Marathon training is a singularly selfish pursuit.  It takes a toll on the one doing the training of course.  It also takes a toll however on that person's spouse.  Sixteen weeks of training including that many consecutive Sundays of runs ranging in length from five miles to twenty miles. 

Margaret is a champ. She is not a runner. She is not especially a fan of it either. It mystifies her why her husband is hell bent on engaging in a pursuit as insane as marathon running.  She was there yesterday at race's end. It was nice as it always is at the end of a long race to see her at the finish line.  

A hard day's work at the end of four long months of work. Hell of a day. Hell of a day indeed.


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