Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Spear's Tip

Today is my brother Bill's birthday.  He is the oldest of the sextet of Kenny siblings.  Not an easy gig to be sure.  While I am confident that he did not write it for us, it has always seemed to me that John Hiatt's Seven Little Indians certainly seemed to fit us.  Too well?  Perhaps. 

There are numerous advantages - when one is a large family - to being the tail-gunner.  I had a lot of excellent teachers from whom I learned.  It is a damn sight harder being the one at the front of the sled team.  He had no fewer things to learn than I did.  Yet he had far fewer teachers than I did from whom to learn them.  And learn them he did. 

And well enough to pass along what he learned to those of us who came after him. 

Including the tail-gunner. 

Happy Birthday Bill.  Here's to hoping a pony ride on the calendar. 


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