Sunday, April 12, 2015

R U Ready?

Today is a Red-Letter Day on my calendar...and not only because it marks "T Minus Two Weeks" until the New Jersey Marathon.  This morning, in the company of Gidg, my running "Sister With A Big Toe Blister", and Scott, our seemingly always-freezing visitor from the Deep South (OK, Cherry Hill), I shall again toe the line at the New Jersey Half Marathon at Rutgers University.  Regardless of Lonnie Quinn's prediction of temperatures reaching up into the sixties and beyond today, Scott will undoubtedly be wearing enough layers to make an Eskimo envious when he arrives just outside the Werblin Aquatic Center at 7:00 AM.  

Roughly one hour and forty-five minutes after he crosses the starting line, he and the three-plus layers he still has on will cross the finish line.  How he does it I know not.  All I know is this morning is either the fifth or sixth iteration of this race.  Our little group has run in it every year and every year Scott has "geared up" in the same fashion.   

If it ain't broke, don't fix it right?  

And away we go...


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