Thursday, April 23, 2015

Poetry in Motion

Thursday has finally arrived in "Running on Fumes" Week.  Due to an unfortunate confluence of events at work, a number of projects have due dates that bear an eerie resemblance to one another, and none of them has one that arrives later than...well this time tomorrow.  I tend to be a bit of an early riser but for me, even, this week has been somewhat extraordinary.  My alarm has been set for 2:00 AM and I have been out the door to the office not later than 3:00 AM to ensure that I am adequately caffeinated and in "work mode" by not later than 4:00 AM.  

I must confess that by this point in the week, I am a bit tired.  Inasmuch as I am less than articulate here - far more often than not - when I am working on normal rest, under the present circumstances I have for all intents and purposes leaped off of the cliff's edge.  

Long story short (not so far I know) is that in this space there is really nothing of value to read today. If you click on this link, disappointed you shall not be.  It is a beautiful first-person account authored by a member of one of my favorite groups of people:  a "Next Gen" in the Kenny clan.  

I am biased I suppose, given who I am and who she is, but I think that a parent who is preparing to send a child off to college in the Fall of '15 (or beyond) could do worse than to spend a few minutes perusing her wise words - while encouraging your son or daughter to do likewise.   As someone whose own college days are so far behind me that I need them to be closer than they appear in my rear-view just so I could see them, I found them to be an exceptionally worthwhile read...  

...and pretty damn good advice too.


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