Friday, April 3, 2015

Old Age Before Death

While I presume that they likely got far less out of it than did I, I am pleased to report that I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours at Wardlaw-Hartridge on Wednesday morning as part of the school's Career Day with members of the school's junior and senior classes.  

Among the many things that really impressed me on Wednesday morning was how early the students are on campus to begin their school day.  I walked into the building at 7:30 AM and there were dozens of children, of various ages, in the hallways and seated at tables in the All-Purpose Room.  I was also impressed by just how young these young women and men are.  As I indicated in this space earlier this week, my day-to-day does not include a lot of interaction with teenagers.  Exposure en masse to a large number of them simultaneously on Wednesday was, visually, a shock to the system.  Faces of babies as far as my aging eyes could see.   

What I considered to be the single-most impressive part of the morning was the kids themselves.  I tried to spend a bit of time learning about them, their interests, their intended course of study in college, etc. and was stunned by what some of them told me.  I lost count (admittedly I always was an atrocious math student) of how many of them spoke of plans to double major in college.  There was one young man, a member of this year's junior class, who intends on pursuing a double major while also attaining a minor in Chinese.  I presume that for him sleep shall be merely an elective. 

It was an extraordinarily interesting group of young people whose acquaintance I had the pleasure of making on Wednesday morning.  Kids who reaffirmed my faith in the future.  A world entrusted to these types of individuals will be just fine. 

Presuming of course that those of us presently playing the adult parts in the longest-running production at the theater of the absurd do not blow the whole operation into a million little pieces before the keys get turned over to this generation.  


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