Thursday, April 2, 2015

No Unresented Act of Charity Here...

If you are of the school of thought that the notion that, "No good deed goes unpunished" exists only in the acid wit of Claire Boothe Luce, then consider for a moment the truly tragic case of Stephen Woytack.  

Mr. Woytack, a seventy-four-year-old resident of Scranton, Pennsylvania, was with his wife, Lucy, on Monday morning at the St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, which is located in Throop, Pennsylvania.  He and Lucy were decorating the tombstone of his mother-in-law when, according to what Mrs. Woytack frantically told the Cemetery's caretaker, Edward Kubilus, the tombstone tipped over and landed on top of Mr. Woytack.  

He, Mr. Woytack, was apparently kneeling next to the tombstone while his wife tied a cross on the other side.  The stone, as per Lucy Woytack, simply toppled over without warning.  She ran for help immediately.  Mr. Kubilus responded without hesitation and did what he could as fast as he could, even managing to lift half of the stone off of Mr. Woytack.  It was not enough to save him.  Stephen Woytack was crushed to death beneath the 400-plus pound heft of his mother-in-law's tombstone.  

According to Mr. Kubilus, this headstone was not the first one to topple over this year.  Apparently due to the winter weather, the age of the cemetery and the softening of the ground as it has thawed, approximately six other stones have toppled over.   

While I must admit that if the decision was mine to make, in view of the terrible circumstances under which he died, I would have considered having Mr. Woytack cremated and his remains kept anywhere but St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery.  That shall not in fact be what happens.  Instead, Mr. Woytack shall be laid to rest in his plot at the cemetery, which is located directly in front of the plot where his mother-in-law is buried.  

Inferno or no inferno?  If you do not, at this point, know the answer to that question, then you simply have not been paying attention.  


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