Monday, April 6, 2015

In the Company of Lives and Memories

"It isn't only baseball that has its Opening Days;
lives and memories have them too."
-George Higgins 
(The Progress of Seasons)

Baseball arrives today.  This afternoon, in the big ballpark in the Bronx, Masahiro Tanaka shall take the ball for the boys from Steinbrenner Tech in the 2015 Season Opener against the Toronto Blue Jays.  While I have a feeling that this season might be one that wakes up the echoes of the dreadful Stump Merrill teams of a generation ago (Have you ever heard anyone ask the musical question, "Where have you gone Kevin Maas?") Opening Day carries with it a modicum of hope.  The hope that a season that begins in the early Spring shall not end until we are deep into the Autumn. 

For those still looking for confirmation that the long, terrible winter of 2015 is indeed in the rear-view mirror, I offer these two words, which when said together form as joyous a combination of syllables as one might find anywhere in the English language...


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