Sunday, April 19, 2015

Anniversaries, Important and Otherwise

It was on this very date, in the year 2008...Damn, do I wish right now that I had a poet's soul.  For perhaps then I could have come up with a clever turn of phrase to finish that rhyme.  Get a load of this guy, will you?  "A poet's soul".  How about any soul?  One would think - based upon nothing other then the rather audacious proclamation contained in the opening line that the phrase "beggars can't be choosers" was one with which I have no familiarity.  

But I digress...

April 19, 2008 marked the creation of this little rest stop on Prince Albert's information superhighway.  I started doing this in an effort to have an outlet for the voices that rage inside my head on a daily basis.  A release valve if you will.  Whether it has effectively served its purpose I truly do not know.  I drink less than I used to as a much younger man.  I hit fewer things, which is also a positive I suppose.  I might very well be the most selfish person I have ever known, which personality trait is well-served in this forum.  The point of view expressed here is mine.  I write about things that I consider to be worth talking about, with little thought (actually none) given to whether what matters to me matters to anyone else, and perpetually stunned by the fact that anyone takes the time to read that which is written here.  I am fascinated by what pieces that have appeared here are the ones that have been read the most.  Why, for instance, this is the most-read piece that has ever appeared in this space (and the gap between it and the second-most-read is more than six hundred) eludes me.  P.S. - After buying "High Hopes" and listening to it repeatedly over the course of a period of several weeks, I was distressed to discover that it failed to exceed my admittedly low expectations.

Again, I digress...

April 19, 1995 was a terrible day.  A day that I hope stands unchallenged in the annals of history as the all-time worst day Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ever endures.  At 9:02 A.M., two cowards - in an act of domestic terrorism - detonated a truck that they had parked in front of the Alfred R. Murrah Federal Building after they had packed it full of explosives, which they did after they had rented it from Ryder - murdered 168 innocents and injured another 680.   

The people of Oklahoma City responded as we have seen the people of New York City - and more recently - the people of Boston respond to an attack upon their home, their community and their life.  They have endured.  They have endeavored to ensure that those whose lives were taken from them that day - including children - shall never be forgotten.  

Today, spare a moment to think of those who were killed on that terrible April morning twenty years ago.  If you are old enough to remember the day and where you were when you first learned what had happened, then pause perhaps to reflect upon at least some of what has transpired in your life over the course of the past twenty years.  Hopefully for you, as has been the case for me (sometimes in spite of myself), the good has outweighed the bad.  Either way, opportunities have been presented to us over the course of these past two decades that were denied to those who were murdered that morning.  It is up to us to make what we will out of them. 

Me?  I intend to take full advantage of this beautiful Spring morning by running my final eight-mile training run for next week's New Jersey Marathon.  


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