Saturday, April 25, 2015

All Out of Marks to Check

I have run out of boxes to check off on my calendar, which I cleverly entitled "16-Week Marathon Training Schedule for 2015 New Jersey Marathon" when I created it on my computer in late December 2014.  The Training is complete.  Tomorrow is race day.

If I understood what Gidg told me earlier this week correctly, gun time tomorrow morning is 7:30.  I like the idea of a relatively early start time.  I have a much better chance of convincing my legs to start moving if it is simply too goddamn early in the day for them to figure out what is happening.  I figure I should get at least seven or eight miles deep into the race before it hits them.  

Tomorrow morning shall mark the fourth time in my life that I have lined up at the starting line for a marathon.  I am confident - based upon how faithfully I adhered to my training schedule, which I have not always done in the past, how hard I pushed myself during my training and how well I feel, generally speaking, on the eve of the race - that this shall be the best of my four efforts.  

Enough blabbing about it.  Talk is exceedingly cheap.  If running one's mouth could carry you for 26.2 miles, then significantly more people would compete in - and complete - a marathon than actually do.  


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