Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winter's Final Leg

One of the many nice things about spending Winter's final week in the Bahamas is that Margaret and I do not typically spend a great deal of time together (given work and other considerations) and we spend scant little alone time together.  This week we are doing just that.  And it is quite a nice thing indeed. 

I am just about two-thirds of the way through my Marathon Training Program for the New Jersey Marathon.  On Saturday, in advance of our journey to the Bahamas, I completed my long run for the week, which was a robust seventeen miles.  While the temperature was such that it lent itself to run outside, the "humidity level" was not.  There were periods of time on Saturday afternoon during which the rain fell with such pace and ferocity that I half-expected to see any three of a particular species standing together playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock"

Thus I spent Saturday afternoon where I have spent a considerable number of mornings, afternoons and evenings during this training cycle:  On the treadmill in the basement.  Two hours, eleven minutes and four seconds later, I was finished.  

When we return home on Saturday afternoon, there shall not be an opportunity to log any beach miles, which I have faithfully done every morning this week.  There shall, however, be a chance to be outside.  And after a long - albeit productive - winter in the dungeon, it is something to which I am looking forward very much.  


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