Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Mystery of Transmogrification

Nature is an extraordinary thing.  Its many gifts would appear to include the ability to not remember.  This time last week, my front yard was secreted from view by mounds of snow that had involuntarily placed my grass into stealth mode close to sixty days ago.  Now, when I look at the yard it is as if winter never dropped in on us at all.  The snow has been eradicated completely.

I know that the transmogrification process shall take considerably longer to complete in the neighborhood occupied by the Connecticut branch of the Kenny Family.  'Round here, we experienced a Phoenix-like winter season in comparison to what the folks in New England endured.  Listen up New Englanders!  Your hometown team benefited from what might very well be the worst end-of-game play call in the history of the NFL in winning the Super Bowl in early February.  Win the Super Bowl, lose the Winter.  

For residents of New England who are not fans of the Patriots- my brother and my friends from Farmers Insurance leap immediately to the forefront of my mind - you simply got screwed coming and going.  While I do not pretend to know whether this offers any solace at all, I am constrained to point out that the Vernal Equinox shall arrive by week's end and the real start of Spring arrives on April 5.

Until then, feel free to entertain yourselves pondering the myriad of uses for a hand-held iguana maker.  If you cannot think of any, give my great friend Dave Lackland a call.  I am quite confident that he shall be able to help you brainstorm an idea or two. 


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