Friday, March 20, 2015

Swan Song

In the interest of full disclosure, I am forced to confess that here in the Bahamas none of the locals seem to give one rat's ass about the arrival of my favorite Equinox, Vernal, today.  In fact, none of them seem to have any idea whatsoever who he is or what the hell exactly I am speaking of when I invoke his name.  

It is easy for them I suppose to be casual about 'ol Vern.  The weather here yesterday - Winter's swan song - was 80 degrees and sunny.  The forecast today?  Eighty degrees and sunny.  One can readily see how such a forecast would breed complacency among the home folks. 

For those of us who receive our mail at a zip code located within the geographical boundaries of the northeastern United States, here is to hoping that Spring's official arrival is a harbinger of better weather days to come.  Here is to hoping as well that we actually get to enjoy a measurable Spring this year so that we have good weather to make us smile...

...right before Summer arrives and we start bitching about the oppressive heat and humidity. 


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