Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Self-Consumed Cannibals

On this very day of the week, next week, we shall herald the arrival of April.  Perhaps its appearance on the calendar shall bring Spring to the forefront of the seasonal stage.  Either way, it shall bring us just that much closer to summer.  

Irrespective of the temperature outside (and perhaps appropriately so given his status as one of three or four adult humans in the Western Hemisphere who apparently knows less about science than even I do), Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas by way of Calgary, Alberta, officially kicked off the commencement of the "Silly Season" by declaring his candidacy for the nomination of the Republican Party for the office of President of the United States.  

His grasp of hard science notwithstanding, I shall not debate the Junior Senator from Texas's educational bona fides.  He earned his undergraduate degree at Princeton University, his J.D. at Harvard Law School and thereafter served as a law clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist of the Supreme Court of the United States. I cannot however, each and every time I see a news clip of Senator Cruz in action - energizing his base - help but close my eyes and see the face of this wannabe President instead.   Fortunately, the United States never had to actually spend a day living life under the Stillson Administration.  I, for one, hope that life imitates art in that respect. 

Senator Cruz's Alma mater was in the news earlier this week.  Princeton University's women's basketball team completed an undefeated regular season en route to capturing the Ivy League Championship and an automatic bid to the NCAA Women's Tournament.  The Tigers captured their first round game on Saturday against Wisconsin-Green Bay before falling to top-seeded (and home-standing University of Maryland) in the second round on Monday night.  Prior to Monday night's game against the Terrapins, it was disclosed that a death threat had been received against Princeton freshman forward Leslie Robinson.  

Leslie's dad is Craig Robinson, whose sister is Michelle Obama, whose husband is...well if you do not know to whom Michelle Obama is married then there just might be room for you on the Climatologists for Cruz Committee.  It takes a particularly cowardly type of douche bag to threaten to injure or kill a young woman for any reason but as an expression of one's disapproval of her uncle's job performance?  Despicable does not seem to be an adequate expression of just what type of behavior that truly is.  Not even close.  

While I was cleaning out my e-mail the other afternoon, I came across an e-mail I had received from "Team Upworthy" in April 2013, which shared with me (and countless others) the thoughts that comedian/actor/writer Patton Oswalt had offered in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.  

There are days on which I am less than certain that Mr. Oswalt is right in his analysis.  But there is never a day on which I do not hope like hell that he is.  

Irrespective of the weather.  

Irrespective of the silliness of the season.


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