Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ring Ring Goes the Bell

Today marks the final day of the first quarter of 2015.  Three months in the books.  Nine months to go.  Presuming you are a person who resolves - each and every January 1 - to do (or to not do) certain things, today might be a good day for you to take stock of where you are in that endeavor.  How resolute have you been these first three months?  

I am spending a little bit of time tomorrow morning doing something a bit out-of-the-ordinary for me.  I am participating in Career Day at Wardlaw-Hartridge.  As I understand it, Rudy Brandl of Wardlaw-Hartridge contacted only seventy-five or eighty other graduates who practice law in New Jersey with no luck lining up a panelist before settling on Yours truly.  I am looking forward to the event quite a bit.  As someone who spends almost no time at all in the company of teenagers, when I am with them I am always struck by two things:  How smart they are and how young they look.  

My goal tomorrow morning is modest.  I hope to leave them no more damaged than they are upon their arrival at the beginning of my presentation.  I spent the youth of my two children working damn hard trying to not to fuck up their lives.  I owe it to the room full of other's children with whom I shall spend a couple of hours early tomorrow morning to extend them the same courtesy.  


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