Sunday, March 29, 2015

Preparing for a Knife Fight

I anticipate that today is going to be decidedly unpleasant.  Well, the morning shall be anyway.  Today kicks off Week Thirteen of the Sixteen-Week Training Program I have been on for the 2015 New Jersey Marathon.  It is a program to which I have faithfully adhered.  Well, until Week Twelve. 

I rarely get sick.  For better or worse, I have an exceptionally good discomfort/pain threshold.  So much so that when I had to have an appendectomy performed right around Christmas approximately seven years ago, the surgeon told my wife that I either had an exceptionally high tolerance for pain or I was a liar, because given the state of my appendix he found it impossible to believe that it only started to bother me less than a week before he removed it.  

Candidly, I am not certain that what I have dealt with this week constitutes "being sick".  I have missed no time from work and have, in fact, worked longer than usual days in the predictably idiotic attempt to make up for the week spent in the Bahamas.  Still, I have felt quite a bit like one hundred and seventy-five pounds of shit for most of the week.  And while feeling poorly did not keep me home from work, it did keep me from lacing up my running shoes.

Until this morning. 

This morning is the "long run" for Week Thirteen.  It is the first of two consecutive twenty-mile Sunday runs on my calendar.  It is not supposed to be fun.  It most certainly shall not be.  It is pretty damn important however.  "20" is considered in many circles to be the magic number when it comes to marathon training.  Once you have completed a twenty-mile run, the prospect of completing a marathon feels far less daunting.   

Here's to diminishing the level of "the daunt"! 


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