Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pictures and Stories

I have never been accused of speaking too little.  "Have mouth, will open it" appears to be my unwritten  - but far too often spoken - mantra.  Today, however, shall serve as the exception that proves the rule.  

I took only a few photographs during the week that the Missus and I spent sunning ourselves in the Bahamas.  Of the few that I took, the overwhelming majority of them were ones that I took of the beauty that I was fortunate enough to bear witness to all around me.  The people of the Bahamas are simply terrific.  I have yet to encounter one of them who appears to be "wealthy" as we might consider that term to be defined here in these United States.  Yet, I have met only a few who appear to be anything other than happy.  A quite contented lot are they.  

As was I during the time that I was there...

Sunset:  March 16, 2015
Beautiful End to Day One of Vacation

Early Morning Sun - Grand Bahama Island
March 18, 2015

Jetty approximately one and one-half miles
West of our beach:  March 18, 2015

Westward view from the Jetty:  March 18, 2015

The Lizard of Lucaya:  March 19, 2015

Cemetery approx. 1.25 miles West of our beach. 
Less than 100 yards inland from the water.

Haitian Shipwreck Memorial:  July 19, 1978
21 Haitian Men & Women Drowned off of Grand
Bahama Island when their ship wrecked

Haitian Shipwreck Memorial Cross
Top portion of Memorial. Words "Peace Be With You"
are handwritten.  The lower-case "i" is my favorite part.

"In Loving Memory of Our Twenty-One Haitian
Brothers and Sisters Who Died at Sea on 
19th July 1978 

Westward view down beach towards Jetty from path
that connects Cemetery to beach:  March 20, 2015

Final Bahamian Sunrise of Vacation:  
March 20, 2015

I have no idea whether our travels shall ever take us that way again.  I am very pleased to have had the chance to spend a bit of time in this simply beautiful and beautifully simple part of the world.  Even if I never see it again in this lifetime, I shall remember the beauty of what I saw for the remainder of my days.  



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