Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's Hard Not To Cry And Cuss

It's hard not to cry and cuss
When this old world's bigger than us
And all we've got is pride and trust
In our kind...
-James McMurtry

Whatever your day-to-day looks like today, spare a moment (or all of them as I shall) for my sister Evan and her MWH, Glenn.  Yesterday afternoon, the insidious, relentless foe that is cancer finished waging its war on Glenn.  The next time someone mentions to you - even in passing - that shitty things often happen to good people, think of Evan and Glenn.  

I am not a man of faith.  The Lord and I have an understanding.  I spend little time in his house and ask merely that he returns the favor.  Nothing does more to reinforce the legitimacy of my position than what Evan and Glenn endured these past several months.  Except perhaps what Evan shall now have to endure.  It is decidedly unfair.  

She shall endure, of course, for while she is small of frame she is strong and she is brave.  Best of all - or worst of all (depending upon your perspective) - she is a Kenny.  None of us - not one - has ever learned how to take a backwards stop.  It is a trait that does not always serve us well - particularly sometimes in our dealings with one another - but it shall serve her exquisitely well dealing with what lies ahead.  

Dr. Seuss once observed, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."  All things considered, today is a day on which it is OK to cry at least a little.  I shall.  

I am a liar. 

I already have.


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