Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello Daylight, My Old Friend

You're welcome. 

Without even having to be asked, I have delivered today's daily dose of silliness to you an hour earlier than usual.  That is, unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii or (at least certain parts of) Indiana.  The first two because it so warm twelve months a year that no one longs for an additional hour of sunlight.  The last one...well, because it is fucking Indiana and apparently no one in the Hoosier State can figure out a single, goddamn thing including but not limited to why Indiana is called the Hoosier State and what the hell a Hoosier is, exactly.   

Here's to hoping that your first Extended Play Day of 2015 has brought with it weather that enables you to spend some time outside soaking in that additional hour of daylight.  And presuming it has, a fair question to ask of you is, "Why are you not outside enjoying yourself right at this very moment?" 

Normally I do not relish the notion of Monday.  However, I am very much relishing the fact that after having spent six months in which I have not seen my home in the daylight, Monday through Friday, tomorrow night's commute begins the six-month period during which far more often than not I shall arrive home from work prior to darkness's arrival.   A small victory, you say.  

An immeasurable one, I say.  

Until tomorrow...


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